Meet Jen

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Hello, friend. I’m Jen. I’m going to be your photographer. Nice to meet you!

I’m finally back to my native Ohio after living in the Carolinas for eight years. I still say “y’all”, y’all.

In addition to being a small business owner, I work full-time for Automattic, the company behind I’m also a wife and a mama of three kids under five.

I listen to too much NPR, think Gandalf is the raddest character ever created, and I use too many exclamation points. My favorite things are board games, sushi, dark roast coffee, wool socks, thrift stores, campfires and thunderstorms. Give me a musty old paperback over an e-reader any day.

I’m kind of obsessed with zombie pop culture. Remind me to tell you my favorite zombie joke.

My favorite season is Fall, though if you were to ask me in the middle of April, I would tell you that it is Spring.

I can’t wait to meet you! Drop me a line at info @, or by using the contact form in the lower right corner of the page.