J & M Sister Session | Fort Mill SC Family Photographer

This session was some of the most fun that I’ve had behind a camera in a long time. I absolutely love photographing babies and toddlers, but it is a special treat photographing older kids and teens. It was also particularly poignant for me since I will someday have two older daughters. Part of me is so eager to see them like this…to see the young women they will become, and part of me wants to slow down time so I can keep them tiny forever. I know that once they are this age, I’m going to feel like I blinked for just a second too long, and they grew up without my even noticing. I hope that my girls are as poised and loving and lovely as these two.

I discovered a fun tip with this session that I will carry over to all older child and teen sessions for the rest of my career…if you want a natural smile from your teens, just tell them to not smile! There was so much silliness, giggling, and love during this beautiful session…I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from the photos. Here are my favorites…I’m sharing a lot, because it is impossible for me to narrow it down! I have no idea how mom and dad are going to choose which ones they want on their walls.